At Gilo Industries Group we define our technological capability as the capacity to evaluate highly complex problems, select which specific technology is required, use it, adapt and improve it and finally develop new technologies to solve those problems. We push the boundaries of high performance design, both in terms of innovation and analysis as well as engineering rigor. Our commitment to researching and investing in new engineering processes and aerospace manufacturing techniques enhances existing capabilities and adds unique in-house processes, allowing us to meet, and exceed, our project requirements.

Engineering Design

Gilo Industries Group has a highly competent and professional aerospace engineering capability with considerable experience of aeronautical vehicle and propulsion system design. Armed with the latest generation of computer aided design (CAD) and engineering (CAE) software, our design engineering team is able to undertake clean sheet designs and optimise them quickly and efficiently. This includes a solid modelling, simulation analysis and systems modelling capability. Project teams lead by Principal and Senior Design Engineers ensure that our innovative solutions meet exacting requirements through regular client liaison and project reviews. All manufacturing drawings are produced according to BS:8888 standards.

Analysis & Simulation

Our high-performance design approach is led by rigorous analysis of simulated and real-time data. Our analysis and simulation processes are fully integrated into our engineering, manufacture and inspection operations using proprietary software in conjunction with additional tools Gilo Industries Group have developed in-house. High specification simulation software provide the means for our design engineers to carry out powerful computational analysis and validation allowing us to deliver innovative solutions, shaped by insights gathered from this predictive intelligence.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Our ability to manufacture complex components both in-house and via carefully selected supplier partnerships is paramount. Gilo Industries Group has excellent in-house facilities and production-planning teams incorporating full project management, supply of materials, control and execution of all associated processes and operations, and stockholding of parts. Our components are manufactured utilising the latest in precision machine tool technologies and lean practices, which enables a combination of responsiveness, flexibility and quality in a production and rapid prototyping environment. We maintain a close interaction between engineering and manufacturing, simplified by being in the same building, for a quick resolution of issues and to manage specific customer needs which, especially in the military and defence space, outweigh the needs of the commercial space. With this two-way flow of information we are able to adapt to specific criteria very quickly and respond with an appropriate solution.

Build Assembly
& Production

Our production operations include facilities dedicated to assembly and integration and are supported by dedicated project managers, engineers, and purchasing and production managers. Our assembly technicians are qualified to perform a wide range of assemblies. To aid the technicians in the assembly process Gilo Industries Group creates detailed visual work instructions to ensure the repeatability and consistent quality of each assembly. Full build/rebuild tracking records and certificates of conformity are stored on a central database allowing full and easy traceability for serial numbers and build configurations. Build integrity is checked with test procedures conducted in a dedicated test area by a separate team of technicians. Should an application demand unique assembly procedures, separate specialist areas can be created on a temporary or permanent basis.

Quality Control
& Assurance

Gilo Industries Group's products and components perform with pinpoint accuracy in the most demanding environments and mission critical applications and therefore we recognise the importance of quality and dependability in our products. To assure all processes are performed to the highest quality standards, Gilo Industries Group apply the AS9100C International Aerospace Standard as the baseline for our quality system and carry ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our quality control department performs first piece, in-process, incoming and final inspections throughout the entire production cycle to ensure the highest quality of every component. All incoming material (raw material, hardware and components returning from an outside process) are thoroughly inspected for material condition, chemical composition and special process specification. Highly skilled Quality Controllers perform a first piece inspection using an advanced Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) before each manufacturing process. The finished components are subjected to a 100% final inspection to ensure that all key characteristics meet the specifications. In accordance with industry standards all first piece, in-process, incoming and final inspection reports created during the manufacturing process are retained.

Engine Test Cells
& Rolling Road

Whether in the defence or commercial areas, Gilo Industries Group's 24-hour indoor noise-abated test facility provides the capability to ground test full propulsion systems in a controlled environment, during static and engine operating conditions. Our test facilities are operated by skilled calibration engineers and test cell technicians who have test and development experience across many engine markets. Using a range of eddy-current, transient and high dynamic dynamometers up to 230kW we have the requisite facilities to conduct base engine durability and validation through to sophisticated research and development. The cells are equipped with detailed instrumentation and programmable systems for automated testing, with a chiller unit for thermal shocking and extreme temperature cycling, as well as capability for mechanical vibration tests to ensure ultra-reliable end-use performance. Modification and upgrading is on-going with the installation of two 100kW dynamometers, an inertia motorcycle dynamometer and a two-wheel drive 500HP eddy-current rolling road for early-stage vehicle development and assessment of fuel and propulsion technologies.

For Our Future

Gilo Industries Group understands that the aviation and aerospace markets are constantly changing and evolving, that maintaining a competitive edge both within the industry and supporting our customers effectiveness requires significant investment in expanding capabilities, resources and research and development activities. We have a clear and focused research, development and investment strategy based on a blend of qualities such as ambition, drive and commitment as well as more tangible assets such as specialist engineering skills, maximising modern and emerging technologies, rapid development through simulation techniques, electronics expertise and a ruthless quest for performance and reliability in our products. Lessons learned from our time in the aviation and aerospace industries have helped turn our vision for the future into a reality.